Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still Waiting...

As previously mentioned I was to take a trip to see my doctor due to a minor vacation from consciousness. It all seems a little out of sorts in my mind, personally I think the cause was exhaustion or even just stress. Despite my opinion the insistence of my family was not to be rebuffed. So because I'm not nearly qualified enough to make any kind of medical argument at all. Dr Iz said I had to donate blood to a centrifuge and other bloody analytical doodads . It's a good thing that I enjoy needles.

So in the spirit of my bloodletting I've decided that Gotye's Drawing Blood would be the most appropriate listening material for the evening.

Needless to say I spent the empty time sitting in a room watching the seconds tick away surrounded by people probably far sicker than I. At least till Dr Iz was ready to see me. The waiting room/lounge which was a chaotically organised collection of couches polka-dotted with children, postal workers, housewives and suits. They all sat together but not "together", if that makes any kind of sense. I thought it was sort of funny in a way.

I sat there not-so-aimlessly watching the unknown sickly and observed with my strained un-spectacled vision the intriguing effect a young woman had on the room. Well more to the point her tattoo.

In a delicate cursive script swirled on the back of her thigh "Sweet, but Never Innocent". It wasn't so much the calligraphy or even the location of said inscription, risqué as it was, but rather the word choice that caught my interest.

What would possess a person to willingly renounce that they had any innocence at all? Never, really? Is there something so wrong about being innocent? Some people actually wish for their lost naivety and childlike curiosity to return. It seems odd to me that anyone would want to do that let alone want it tattooed on their body.

That was just an interesting thought, I just thought I'd share. So now in the middle of night I've stopped waiting and I can just... be.

Goodnight and sweetest of dreams...

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