Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is there a Doctor in the House...?

"Where's House when you need him?" Not that I do...

Yesterday I awoke early in the morning to get a head start on the day, one that I promised wouldn't leave me trailing behind as they sometimes do. The creepy disembodied voice of my mobile phone in its toneless drone repeated "time to get up, the time is 8:00am - time to get up, the time is..." it ended with a click, and reluctantly I rose to greet the day with a fogged-up-morning brain and an amusing swirly fluffed bed-head do.

My legs carried me across the cold tile, passed the offensively obtrusive leather couch to the fridge. I opened said appliance and poured myself a tall cool glass of life's transparent blood to soothe my throat which developed a bad case of sand-paper-itis overnight. In that sweet moment of delicious consumption as the cooling fluid drained down into my gullet, I felt a troublesome niggle in my chest cavity amongst those oh so important organs everyone talks about the heart, and lungs, etc etc. The next moment (or possibly moments later) I found myself on the floor, my glass toppled on the carefully laid decorative earth and my water creeping away from me drip by drip.

I had blacked out.

Where did I go? Did I go anywhere? Did my existence forget that it was attached to a corporeal vehicle? Did said existence take a leave of absence if only momentarily?

When I opened the delicate membranes shielding my optics, I found myself lost in my own kitchen. Now there's a scary thought. I picked up my scattered version of consciousness and hobbled back to my fortress of solitude and restlessness. I did so, only to sleep away the day I had so wanted to reign in and squeeze the life out of. The daylight, exhaustion and the sucubus-darkness had won while I recuperated amongst my foam pillows and embroidered duvet. It wasn't until mid afternoon that I found my way back to the Earth as I know it.

I'm not sharing this as any kind of ploy to wrangle sympathy or to share any kind of life changing epiphany, it is simply something that has never happened to me before (sober) and I wanted to share it.

The entire incident (and I use the term loosely) scared the hey-Zeus out of my sister who happened to stay over the night before. While I'm not too worried about the whole thing, to be safe I think a trip to the Practitioner General is in order.

Will keep you posted on all things medically relevant, and maybe other things not so.

Ciao blogverse.

Yours in unconsciousness,
Chris D

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